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Accounting & Distribution Suits
Spindle Professional Command
All Spindle Professional commands start and with the '##' this tells the printer driver that the data between the '##' is a command and value for Spindle.
Setting up documents
1. Three things are needed to automate a document
     - "Document Automation" commands
     - Form Backdrops
     - Document Automation rules (Types & Operations)
2. Document distribution
1) Document containing 'Document Automation' commands
      - ##CFG
      - ##EMAIL
      - ##FAX
      - ##COMPANY….
2) Form Backdrops
      - Statement
      - Invoice
      - Sales Order
      - Purchase Order
      - Letterhead
      - Quotation
      - Delivery note… 
3) Document Automation record
      - A set of rules telling Spindle Professional what you want done with your document
How Spindle delivery?
Sage 300  
1) Goto Order Entry (Invoices). Clik "Print" button 2) Click "Print" button.

3) Just one click. Spindle will popup and show process status. Sent to Draft box in Outlook, to archive, to CRM, PDF, printer and SharePoint.
4) Inside the email, it shows company logo,body, reference, name or company name and PDF.
Can search such as by company name. It will show detail that we sent it before.
For Microsoft Word  
Spindle is working outside of the ERP environment by use MS word. Email will generate and send to Draft box of Outlook.
For Crystal Report
Spindle delivery from Sage 300.
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