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Manufacturing System

Sage 300

Better Inventory Management
- Multifunctional Process
- Making Better Use of Big Data
- Analyzing and Forecasting Tools Gain Strength
- Optimized Inventory Level Based Upon Better Decision
Inventoy Control Improvement:
Allow Duplicate Serial Numbers
A new allow Duplicate Serial Numbers option on the Options screen.
IC improvement: Allow Duplicate Serial Numbers
Unit Cost filed on Lot InquiryIC improvement: Unit Cost filed on Lot Inquiry
- A new Use as Default option on the Bills of Material screen
IC improvement
Order Entry Improvement
- You can switch to print datapipe and non-datapipe invoice forms easily, without the need to edit OPRPT.INI
- PO Number fiels in Shipment Entry can now be modified by adding the following entry to the OE.INI file:

- You can now specify whether miscellaneous charges are discountable by default.

PO Number can be edit
Order Entry: PO can be edit

Miscellaneous charges in Discountable  
Purchase Order Improvement
- Transaction etry screens in PO (Invoice Entry, Receipt Entry, Return Entry and Purchase Entry) now include an Entered By field thet indicates who entered the transaction.
- You no longer need to edit PORPT.INI to switch between datapie and non-datapipe purchase order forms.
- You can now create "zero-value" invoices and credit notes.
- If you do not allow negative inventory, you can now specify whether this setting is strictly enforced.

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