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Manufacturing System

Sage 300 Manufacturing

The Production Planning (P/P)
Production Planning (P/P)
The Production Planning (P/P)
module is an easy-to-use production scheduling and materials requirement planning solution for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Developed using Accpac SDK, it is fully integrated with Sage 300's Financial and Logistics modules.
Key Features:
- User defined location networks: Users can now define the scope of distribution network by grouping I/C locations to form networks. P/P supports an unlimited number of distribution network.

- Easy definition of buyers/planners: An unlimited number of buyers for I/C products can be defined. Planning inquiries and reports can be generated by buyers or planners.

- Flexible item planning parameters: User can now define safety stock levels, order multiples, or maintain manufacturing and purchase lead times for each item record in I/C. Autocatic planned orders can also be generated for selected items.
Production Planning (P/P)

- More realistic purchase/production plans: With the use of item specific planning parameters, economic order quantities and supplier minimum order requirements can now be better simulated to create more realistic plans.

-Better management of sale forecasts:
Forecasts can be inputted, imported and even generated for use during planning runs. Using forecast consumption, P/P users actual O/E sales orders to consume sales forecasts.

-Better management of planned orders: Planned orders can be confirmed and eventially be automatically converted to P/O Requisitions or M/F Manufacturing Orders.

Manufacturing Lot (M/L)
Manufacturing Lot. Key Features:
- Seamless I/C Lot/Serial Integration: Fully online, MO transactions are immediately reflected in Sage 300 balances and history. M/L effectively combines manufacturing data with purchase and sales records kept in I/C from the P/O and O/E modules. It also supports all existing I/C lot/serial reports and queires.

-Single Lot/Serial Tracking System: Using the same I/C look and feel, users will fd it easy to post manufacturing transactions. There is no separate item lot/serail setup as M/L makes use of I/C Item for all settings. M/L fully supports the built-in quarantine, product recall, adjustment, warranty and contract features of I/C.
- Lot/Serial Tracking for MO Issuances: For lot/serial tracked items, users are prompted to allocate MO isuances against lots/serails. M/L considers default allocation settings in I/C as well as lot/serial status (e.g. quarantine).

- Lot/Serial Tracking for MO Returns: When posting MO retuens, users will be required to allocate each quantity to a lot/serial record. M/L allows users to create a new lot/serial record for the component return.

- Lot/Serial Tracking for MO Receipts: Users are prompted to allot lot or serial numbers for production output based on I/C setting. Information include stock date and projected expiry dates. Lot and serial numbers can be automatically generatesd.
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