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Manufacturing System

Sage 300 Manufacturing

Sage 300 Manufacturing Manufacturing Suite for Manufacturers
- Manufacturing Order (M/F)
- Production Planning (P/P)
- Manufacturing Lot (M/L) add-on
- Shop Floor Control (S/C)

Purchase Planning for Traders (Buy & Sell)
- Purchase Planning (I/P)
MFG. Process Flow
MFG.Process Flow

- Unlimited Production Areas
- Detailed Bill of Manufacturing (BOM)
- Operation-based Resource Costing
- Material Costing by Sage 300 (e.g. Moving Average)
- Full Manufacturing Order (MO) Processing
- Optional MO Backflushing and Kanban/JIT Processing
- Work in Progress (WIP) Monitoring

Bill of Manufacturing
Bill of Manufacturing Bill of Manufacturing
Manufacturing Order (M/F) is the built-in manufacturing module for Sage 300. M/F enables an efficient manufacturing operation flow with a system conceptualised to accommodate the business processing needs and expectations of users.

MO Processing
MO Processing         Flexible MO Processing
M/F has full Manufacturing Order (MO) processing functionality, which allows users to plan and schedule manufacturing orders to better manage the production floor. It supports the entire operations flow, from material purchases to processing and closing-out orders, with features like a fully integrated lot and serial tracking function.
Sage 300 Look and Feel
Sage 300 Look and Feel
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